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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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being organized is hard, 
but it is possible.

there are days when i just want to give up, days when I say what's the worst case scenario?! {the answer is hoarders}

besides the usual challenges- lack of time, money & sheer laziness, there are legitimate organizational obstacles. anyone with a pet, roommate, significant other or a teeny tiny closet knows what i'm talking about

so... i am planning a regular feature here identifying these organization obstacles & showing you how to deal with them.

i thought i would start the series by telling & showing you some of my own...

i should start by saying my current boyfriend, SS is pretty clean & super easy to live with,  but it wasn't always that way. i used to live with a {now ex-} boyfriend. every day he would come home from {well he didn't have a job, so i guess i don't know what he was coming home from} 

anyways, when he would show up at the house it was keys, phone & the contents of his pockets on the kitchen table, shoes- in the middle of the kitchen, same goes for the coat, hat, gloves. etc. then "hansel" would leave a trail of dirty clothes down the hall. NEVER cleaned them up, drove me crazy. 

now i still have my fair share of issues keeping the place nice & neat. the first of which is Tucker, the dog who greets me so excited you'd think he won the war on terror. You know, if al Qaeda had squeakers & was full of stuffing.

notice the mess he so kindly leaves behind...

taking out terrorism one bunny at a time
and then there's the bedroom...SS is way above par, but he is still a bit of a mess ninja. 
case in point...

the floor on my side of the bedroom
the floor on his side 

normally this kind of a {daily} mess would drive me crazy, but ninja boy hides it on his side and you can't see it from the doorway. so i consider it a small victory.

perhaps i have digressed, but the point i am trying to make is no matter how organized or well-edited your home & closet are, life is messy. this blog is meant to show you how regardless of your budget, space, time or obstacles you can find a way to live a styled life. 

please feel free to submit your specific challenges  & i will be happy to address them. in the meantime, look forward this series where i will give chic, cost effect options to tackle these issues.

oh, in the spirit of keepin' it reals {and so no one gets overwhelmed}...

this is Sunday's laundry
{stacking it on a chair is just like putting it away}
Take Care Luvies!!


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