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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Untitled #6

A few weeks ago I reorganized my office because it was a legit disaster. Once I cleared the piles of stuff out I  noticed a serious lack of art & decor in there. Offices tends to be primarily function based, but I spend a lot of time in there so I wanted something pretty to look at.
Since I didn't {read: never} want to spend a bunch of money on art I swiped a great idea off Pinterest and framed some colorful shopping bags.

AND THEN they sat on the floor for another week. Well I finally got around to hanging those suckers up.

Grab your tools and click on for my secrets to hanging a gallery wall {of super cheap homemade art} - no skills required!

The first step is tracing a rough outline of each frame on paper. Kraft paper or something a little sturdier would better. I used really flimsy wrapping paper & paid for it with the amount of tape I had to use to keep it from flopping all over.
{this is me tracing}
Once you've traced and cut out your paper outlines mark where the hook is. This will make hanging a breeze. 
{make sure you mark the tippy top of the hook, that's where it'll hang from}

Now it's time to tape those bad boys up. A few important notes - yes I used washi tape. What ever tape you use make sure you can do so without damaging the paint. This is very important as you will likely need to move the paper a few times to line it up correctly.

Think about any additions you may have. My arrangement leaves a weird little whole in the middle, that's where my Hermes bag will go {hint, hint bf}. I only joke, but really I left it fairly open to allow for any future additions.

Now all you have to do it put in your hook. Notice the bottom of my hook lines up with my mark. The mark was made at the top of the hook. This is important, because well...gravity.

Finally! Pull off that paper and slap the frames on the hooks. I busted out my level to do some tweaks so it was all straight. 
And then step back and admire your handiwork. I know this post was long, but in real life this only took me about 20 minutes. It may have taken longer had I been able to find my real camera. Sorry for the fuzzy & crooked iphone shots. 
i hope this tutorial saves you from
a world of crooked homemade art.
thanks & happy hanging!


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