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Friday, November 16, 2012

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We have a fairly large dining area right off our kitchen where my favorite beat up farmhouse table and some funky chairs live. The ceilings are vaulted and there is a black accent wall. I love everything about it, except the lighting. In the 5 years I've lived here I think I replaced that light a dozen times - it is impossible to find a classic & modern fixture that doesn't cost a fortune and provides enough light. 

After many missteps I finally settled on this pendant, mostly because it is bright, cheap & has some diy potential. I thought I had finally solved the kitchen light mystery. Then my friends & family shared their thoughts - the general consensus? autopsy table! {I even got one "alien autopsy table"}

Can you think of anything worse than people looking at 
 your kitchen table and thinking, "I wonder when the coroner will be here?" 

And so the search began again.

After vacillating between diy-ing it or shelling out the cash for a new one, I finally decided to paint my alien autopsy light. My hope is once the metal finish is gone it won't look so sterile. {For the record: I do not agree with the peanut gallery, the big wooden table totally warms up the room & mitigates the starkness of the light!} 

Easy solution, right? Wrong, now I had to pick a color. Pink, then green, black and then green again. But I could not commit - until I saw the beauties above. I was smitten! A copper light is the perfect balance between rustic & modern, cozy & sleek, homey & extraterrestrial! I was able to find heat resistance spray paint in a shiny copper finish.

So, I'll be painting my own budget friendly "copper" light this weekend. I will be sure to post step by steps and results on the blog {unless it's a totally fail, then you will probably only see the embarrassing finished product photo}. 

Next week the chic curator will be featuring the "2012 gift guide
 for people who hate giving crappy gifts, but have a limited budget", 
but you can call it "the gift guide"!

Still craving more?

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See you next week!


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