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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was beautiful here & I'm hoping (& begging) the gorgeous weather is here to stay. My weekend consisted of a trip to Ikea, visting with family & attempting an at home ombre on my hair (depending on the turn you may or may not be seeing pictures, but I will give a review!) 

While lounging this weekend I was pursuing the internets for some spring update ideas for my closet & home, I stumbled on some pretty crazy/weird things (e.g. bagel face, keep reading for details). You know those trends & fads that leave you thinking "what. the. eff?" Well here are of few of my favorites, well I guess least favorites.

1. Pointy Nails
These are just way too agressive for me - unless you moonlight as
Catwoman, please refrain from doing this to your paws.

 2. Silver hair
Ok, so the first one isn't that bad, but the rest just look weird.

3. Meggings 
Can you freaking believe these even exist, WTF?

 4. Mullet Skirts
Wouldn't wear a mullet on my head, not gonna put one on my crotch.
 5. Bagel Face
The ultimate what the f*ck, read more on this here.

6. Honorable Mentions
Super short bangs, glasses without lenses & Nikki Minaj

Have a great day!


  1. What. the. heck. is BAGEL FACE?! Also, I didn't know meggings were even a thing. And, while I have to admit that I own (but have yet to wear) a mullet dress, I cannot tolerate those ridiculously creepy pointy nails. Or Nicki Minaj.


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