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Thursday, June 6, 2013

So I really could've called this post "how to get credit for cooking without really having to do anything", but we're clearly working with a theme here so I left it as is. The "sub title" you will quickly find is pretty appropriate, because this post isn't so much a recipe as it is an equation for a meal.  It's a pretty simple process that we like to call fridge-a-roni. 

Step 1: Pick a Base - This week I chose whole grain pasta, but you could easily substitute rice or greens. Once I even used scrambled eggs & hash browns as the base, but you'd have to be careful about subsequent choices some things just shouldn't mix with eggs. 

Step 2: What's in the Fridge? Yea, it's seriously that simple. I try and stick to a protein, usually chicken but could be anything you have laying around. Then you'll need at least 2 veggies, I almost always use tomatoes {remember this? we always have lots on hand} & a green - spinach and kale are awesome in pasta. The last two elements are my favorite, cheese and some source of fat {that sounds gross, let me explain}. Cheese obviously requires no explanation and is optional if you're an alien and don't like cheese. For the fat you need something to add to the noodles in lieu of a heavy sauce. Think olive oil or a little bit of butter. If I have bacon I throw it in the pan and cook everything down in a little fat. Thrown your ingredients in a pan and cook it up with seasoning to taste. A little salt, pepper and garlic will go a long way with some olive oil. 


Step 3: Confer with your Sous Chef: Here's a breakdown of the math.
Starch base + protein + fat + veggies + cheese = dinner!


Step 4: Throw it in a bowl: Once my ingredients has simmered together and my noodles are cooked I always throw them all in the pan together. The noodles will be coated in the flavors in a delicious, even and light way. Then you plop that down and dig in.

Note: Make lots, it reheats really well. Just drizzle a lil oil & zap it in the microwave. If you're extra special poach an egg & put it on top for a whole new meal with even less work!



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