splurge, spend, steal

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

splurge spend steal
{1. 2. 3.}

Today's splurge, spend, steal is part 2 of recreating the room featured in yesterday's post. Personally, I adore dwell studio, but can not justify the prices. So I'm always excited when I find products that offer a comparable style at a much lower price point. We have the West Elm duvet on our bed and love it - the weight is perfect and it's great alternative for people who can't have an all white duvet {thanks to someone's muddy paws}.

I have to admit when I saw the Target option online I really hoped it wasn't nice, but I had literally just spent twice the amount on essentially the same duvet. The Target version is a bit thinner than I'd like, but overall it's pretty nice & oh so affordable! You really can't beat the price, especially if you're a compulsive duvet buyer like me {weird habit, huh?} Regardless of your price point {or shopping habits} all 3 of these offer chic options for your bedroom.

I hope you all enjoyed my bedroom breakdown on a budget!


  1. so, perfect timing, i need a new duvet cover. and i am obsessed with grey stripes. you, my dear, have just made my day with the target steal! thank you!


  2. What?! $30?! I'm also in desperate need of a new comforter so it looks like we're all going to have matching beds ;) PJ PARTY!!! Visiting from the IT List!

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa Loquitur

  3. I'm still in love with the owell studio they're all soooo cute though!



  4. I found this post via the IT List and am so glad I did! We have the thin stripes West Elm Sheets; this Target duvet will look adorable with them.

    PS-I love duvets as well.



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