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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good Morning!

One of the biggest challenges for me when blogging is becoming saturated in ideas, you know when you try and mush a million good ideas together & then it turns into a pile of crap because there's way too much going on. That is usually what happens when it comes to font picking time.

There are a zillion fonts out there and a lot of them are free, so it's very easy to have way too many weapons on your arsenal. I try and stay consistent, usually preferring hand-written looking fonts, but sometimes I try and use one too many {then I'm all like, "what the font?" haha}

I use dafont.com for great {and FREE} options, I've spent hours pouring over the site trying to find the perfect gem to download. I find it helpful to keep a list of some of my favorite or most used fonts to keep me focused. I am in no way a font mixing master, so I try to stick to a few. Although I am working on my font-mixing, so hopefully I'll have some new combos soon.

In the meantime, here are a few a of my current favorites...


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