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Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

My big ole ranch has a wee tiny entryway, which is almost always overlooked by guest. You see the courtyard has 2 doors- a big glass slider {usually with the pup's face smushed against it} and a plain old vanilla front door, which is usually hidden behind the grill. I hope to figure out a way to draw guests attention to the real front door this summer, for now my plan is to just not have guests over! And boom, just like that I solved almost all my decorating dilemas...hide! 

For reals, the entry is kind of a weird little intersection of guest bath, kitchen & hallway AKA we have no landing strip. I've done my best to create a little shelf/mirror arrangement and a pseudo-landing strip shelf in the hall closet {pics to come}but I'm beginning to think what I'm missing is a FAUXDENZA. 

{fauzdenza - noun. a credenza without legs because it's hung on the wall & usually some cabinets slapped together and not a single piece of furniture}

 Here's a few of my favorites... 

| brick house |

| door sixteen |

| house*tweaking |

| mintlovesocialclub |

| Here's a fauxdenza round up courtesy of apartment therapy |

This weekend you can find me practicing my photo face thanks to this post on how to be photogenic, "cooking" up some of these and buying some lottery tickets so I can afford everything in the emerson fry spring line {it is amaze-balls, but sadly so so $$$}.

 Have an amazing weekend.

Peace out, bitches.


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