Friday, February 8, 2013

Ever want to do a juice cleanse? 
Well I tried it and here's a rundown of my first go at it. 

The cleanse I did was based on the BluePrintCleanse - it has great reviews, but it'll cost you about $65 a day! That's a crazy price for not eating any solid foods. I was able to find the recipes online for BPC juices and provided them below. 


The Plan: 6 juices a day {about every 2 hours}

Juice #1 & 3  
Green Juice - pretty tasty, but it looks disgusting

Juice #2 
 P.A.M. - I was not a fan it was super sour & very acidic tasting

Juice #4 
Spicy Lemonade - Holy Crap, spicy is not an understatement. This had to be watered down big time and even then I couldn't finish it. If you don't like spicy things I'd leave the cayenne out all together.

Juice #5
Beet Juice - Wasn't bad, but wasn't good.

Juice #6
Cashew Nut Milk - Good, but kind of a pain to make. You need to soak the cashews in water for about an hour. If you want to change up the flavor you can add almonds to the mix

My Experience: Underwhelmed & Disappointed

We bought a nice juicer that I really liked & we will definitely use again. The juices themselves were pretty tasty and filled you up. I wasn't ever hungry, in fact I was actually full most of the day. That is a lot of liquid to have chillin' in your belly. Lots of drinking also means lots of peeing, I mean lots. {Please do not juice & drive, you'll be stopping every thirty minutes.}

As far as the "cleansing" part goes it was a big "wa wa waaaa". The only thing I cleaned out was my bladder. To be honest I felt pretty crappy at the end of the day. I was bloated, dying of heartburn & pretty bound up. It took a few days for everything to go back to normal, but that night was not a pleasant one. 

It may have been my funky stomach or tiny bladder but, I don't think I'll be trying this again anytime soon. We do however plan on enjoying lots of fresh juice & will probably use the green juice recipe above for breakfasts on the go. 

Have you guys tried and juice cleanses? 
Have any great fresh juice recipes to share?

Have a Great Weekend!


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