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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As you all know New York Fashion Week 2013 is in full swing. I always prefer the Spring show over these Fall showings because by the time we get to February I am so over the dark dreary days of winter. Unfortunately, that usually means I have little to no interest in heavy coats, furs and jewel tones when it comes time to peep the runway shows.

I think I should clarify that I approach fashion week & specifically the runway shows much like I do the art museum. I enjoy each piece for it's distinct beauty as well as within the context of the collection, I do not however show up with the expectation that I'll be snagging something off the wall to take home. Why? Because I cannot afford it.

Fashion Week is the place where frugal fashionistas like me brainstorm & find inspiration to create on-trend looks that don't cost more than my mortgage payments. In fact, this year's shows really reminded me why I started this lil' blog - with an unlimited budget (& a sample size body) there are literally no restraints on your ability to create amazing style. OK so that means that most major fashion mags are light years outside my budget & even most bloggers too.

Checking out your favorite blog's posts and realizing I owe less in law school loans than the entire "outfit" post is worth is pretty damn frustrating. Anyone who knows me can attest that I have a serious beef {no joke, it makes me insane} with designers, stores, whoever charging ridiculous prices especially when it's a tank top or other sleeveless peice. {Disclaimer: Clearly I have arm exposure issues, whatever!} Like I want to spend a bagillion dollars on something without sleeves! Then I have to go an buy something to wear over it. Ugh!

So cheap tirade aside, I usually look to fashion week for inspiration for everyday looks. But I work at a bank, so you're not going catch me in leather, pleather or feathers chiling at my desk. The shows theme/season is "fall ready to wear". Now I'm not sure how much you've seen but I don't know where the hell they expect me to wear their ready to wear. For that reason, my favorites from fashion week are exactly that, my favorites. You  might find them boring but I think they're a great balance of classic lines, saturated colors and prints & feminine details like lace and sheers {Not to mention these picks won't cause seizures, car accidents or any wardrobe malfunctions}


What were your favs from NYFW?

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