Paper or Plastic?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine!

Just a quick post about my own lil DIY miracle. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that tissue paper tassels a la confetti system and geronimo balloons are all the rage. Although my etsy shop features tasseled balloons making the tissue paper tassels it is still a nightmare for me!
{Despite looking in to just about every tutorial on the internets.}  

stupid wrinkle-y tissue paper

The tissue paper is so delicate, easily creased {hence the iron} & totally not waterproof. Have you ever seen what happens when tissue paper gets wet? It disappears, literally disintegrates. This means the balloons are for indoor use only.

Until I found a better way.

the better way

The plastic tablecloths are super cheap {about $1.99 a pop}, much easier to work with & the color options are fantastic. The hold their shape very well and allow for much longer, fuller tassels & they can get wet! I mean I wouldn't dunk them or anything, but if it gets a little rainy or windy for that matter they will stay intact. 

Don't forget to line the table cloth up so there is only one midpoint fold, this will leave you with a tassel that's about 14-16 inches long. I love the dramatic look of the longer tassels, but it's too cumbersome to make large ones with the tissue paper. As you can see, you are left with long, luscious locks of plastic. 

beginnings of a super tassel
Below is a sample of a finished tassel, check out the length of that bad boy!
 The switch from paper to plastic has made this a project I love again.

ta da!

I'm just about done with my first etsy order with my new & improved tassels, be sure to check out my instagram for pics. I'd love to hear what you all think... feel free to share your pics & your tissue paper nightmares.



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