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Friday, May 10, 2013

Good Morning!

Earlier this week I gave a little sneak peek at my most recent purchase, an Up by Jawbone. {First, a disclaimer - I hate the name. It's really awkward and I feel like an idiot when I'm trying to explain what it's called.} Name aside I love it. Maybe because I love having all this new info, but also because it helps keep me on track even in my weakest moments. 

So here's the cliff notes - you wear the bracelet and it tracks all of your steps and your sleeping patterns and then lets you analyze the data {aka look at pretty graphs}in the app. There's also a food tracking feature where you can enter the things you eat, add things from the existing "menu" or scan the barcode of what you're about to shove down the gullet. 

The let's you set goals & track your progress. It also keeps you from eating that bag of chips because you don't want to scan it & see the green calorie column shoot through the roof. Since buying I've made an extra effort to eat healthy - juicing for breakfast and lunch. It also gives me a buzz when I've been plastered in front of my desk for too long so I can walk a little lap & stretch a bit. 

 One of the most unexpected discoveries is my bizarre sleep habits. You set the band in sleep mode when you're laying down for bed and it monitors sleep patterns. According to Up, my sleep is not very restful as I hardly spend any time in deep sleep and I wake up quite a bit. There have also been a few nights where I was awake for 5 minutes or so and also happened to rack up some steps during that time! Sure it was probably just me getting up and moving a dog or going pee, but I'm keeping my eye on it just in case I'm a sleepwalker and don't know it! 

Overall this was a great buy to keep me focused, disciplined and away from snacks. 
So, are you ready to start living Up?

Have a great weekend!


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