last week, what a nightmare

Monday, July 22, 2013


Sorry for the radio silence, last week was just delightful. As you know we had no internet for a whole week! Thankfully we switched providers so we are go to go. 

Other things that happened last week - our A/C broke & cost a pretty penny to repair (boo) - during a crazy heat wave, we lost our cable TV connection when we had the internet "fixed" and I dropped my phone in a sink full of water.  On the flip side, there was major progress on the new cork floors (thanks, dad!) & the new ceiling fan went in. 

We also had million appointments, meetings & Frank's first obedience lesson - he was a rock star and I'm one proud mama.  I was a busy bee and am now looking for some things to slow down and catch up on the house projects before we leave for Lollapalloza. Stay tuned for details of our house projects & plenty of DIYs.

Here's to a better week!


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