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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good Morning!

Today I'm very excited to share one of my recent custom orders from the etsy shop and provide a few tips on how to create your own. The sign was for a bridal shower with a pink and candy theme. The maid of honor requested a sign to hang above the candy bar. I've been waiting forever to share a few peeks, but had to hold off so I wouldn't ruin the bride-to-be's surprise.

The first step was choosing a font, I used "Lobster". This font was playful and classic and was substantial enough to make each letter clearly visible from across the room. I used a homemade template for the flags to ensure each was the same size. I use Pages for most of my templates, so I was always able to put circles on my template to mark where the holes would be punched. Again, this helps keep you consistent and avoid some silly errors. 

The sign has  an ombre effect so I chose shades of the same color but only used 5 different colors so some did repeat - I preferred this look to having to continue with the darker shades of pink. Once each letter banner was cut, I sized up the letters to choose the font size that fit best and printed each letter. The great thing about this banner is you don't need to cut out each letter because you are tracing over it. For some of the darker colored banners I needed to use a light box in order to trace the letter underneath. By light box - I mean I put a flashlight in a tupperware, flipped it upside down and traced it that way. 

After each letter was traced I painted on a thin coat of modge podge and sprinkled away. I ended up need 2 coats of glitter and once that was completely dry and excess cleared off I added an extra coat of the clear modge podge to keep the glitter in place. I added a pink satin ribbon and threw on a few gold tinsel tassels for some extra sparkle.

The banner was a perfect way to elevate the theme & color palette for the party - no child's play here!


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