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Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Morning!

I am so excited to be sharing our garden today. It has finally stopped raining long enough to get out & take some pictures. Obviously, I've been channelling my energy and free time into house projects & the garden is one of my favorites.

We have a pretty large yard, but it's shaped oddly and has a slope in it. It's great for the dogs, but the shape plus the large trees aren't ideal for gardening. As a result we ended up cutting a bed into the corner for maximum space and sun. 

For those of you with dogs, I'm sure you can imagine what it's like to keep them off of your veggies. Thankfully, Tucker only frequents the raspberry bush these days, but we still wanted it to look like a clean, clearly designated space. There are lots of "build a bed" products out there, but we decided to make our own. Just some wood, a few screws and a coat of paint - it wasn't supposed to be permanent but they've last about 4-5 years now. Eventually we will have to replace them with new wood and maybe a new color, but for now they're doing a pretty great job.

These picture would have been much pretty if we actually had some red  tomatoes, but since we've been lacking in sunshine as of late we just have a whole bunch of green tomatoes. We also have a ton of jalapeƱos {above} & other hot peppers - like a TON. Way too many to eat, so we decided to make some infused tequila for spicy margaritas {fear not, a post on that is coming!}

We usually stick the basics - tomatoes, a few kinds of peppers & herbs, but we always try and throw something new into the mix. This year we did watermelons - if you look close smack dab in the middle of the pic above you can see our first lil watermelon. It looks small now, but that sucker is growing fast. I can't wait to taste some fresh from the garden melon - ya know assuming it doesn't drown first.

Here's a peek from the other angle & what would a picture of my home be without a dog butt in it! I'm hoping the tomatoes will ripen soon, but haven't decided what I'll do when all one million of them are ready to go at the same time. Definitely some salsa, tomato sauce & caprese salads in my future. 

What are your favorite things to make with your garden goodies?

Have a great weekend!


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