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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Morning!

Well, here we go. Today for your veiwing pleasure I am sharing the "Before" pictures of our house. These are pics we took during our walk through right before closing. None, I repeat, none of this furniture is mine. 


Ta Da!
Isn't that yellow delightful? 

Guest Bedroom.
Don't worry the creepy dolls were not left behind.

Dining Room.
Eat-In Kitchen.
Because you can't have just one place to eat dinner round here.
Family Room.
 It's not the light, those walls are pink & the tiles floor is teal. Blech.
What is now one of our favorite places used to be a nasty brick & weed wasteland.
This. Is. The. Kitchen.
Not the hallway to the kitchen, the actual kitchen. The countertops, cabinets & sink are all pink.Thankfully, we've already done some updates in here & as the "in progress" pictures will show it's already made a world of difference
Living Room.
Talk about needing to look past decor to see the good bones this house has.
Master Bedroom.
What can say I the woman loved her some theme room decor.
Not sure if the Asian vibe is the right look for a mid-century ranch.
The Other Master.
This room is all the way on the other side of the house & shares a wall with the garage.
We're currently using it as a gym.
Currently where our unused furniture goes to die.

Guest Bath.
That sink and toilet are famous... well kind of. When I replaced them I listed both for sale on Craigslist, thinking  someone might like the vintage feel. {I didn't mind the style of the sink, but the color and that toilet were unbearable} Anyways, the Cleveland Playhouse purchased both and use them on stage for plays. The green stands out for the audience, where normal white fixtures would blend in too much with the background scenery  If you happen to be in town & catch a show keep your eyes peeled for my sink!

Stayed tuned for pictures showing our projects so far.


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