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Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Morning!

not my house
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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I cannot believe I have to go back to work after 4 glorious days off. We are currently mid-swing in a whole bunch of house projects - some planned & others a little unexpected. These projects are mostly DIY and all extremely budget conscious, so I thought I'd share them here. But first, a little background on the house...

The next few days I'll be sharing pictures of my house right before we closed on it. Please keep in mind that quite a few changes have already been made and it no longer looks how it does in these pictures. Why the disclaimer you ask? Well, when I bought the home it was a delightful mix of eastern european gaudy decor & florida retirement home tile and colors. 

The previous owner was an older woman who split her time between Ohio and Florida. While in Florida she was a blackjack dealer at a casino and in her younger years she was the owner {and namesake} of the local skeezy strip club. 

Yup, I bought my house from an old lady who named a strip joint after herself. Did I mention she also had 5 {five?!} hairless dogs. I may be a crazy dog lady, but blech, hairless dogs just creep me out. Given the, er, colorful background of the previous owner you can image what kind of UN-decorating I've had to do over the past 6 years. 

When I bought the house I was in law school, had a few roommates & little money available for renovations. My decor was basically hand-me-downs {most of which I still have & love!} and Ikea, but now I have the time and budget- although, still reasonable - to make some serious changes. Once you get a peek at what the house was I'll begin sharing some "in progress" photos too.

I hope you all enjoy! 

Have a great Monday, assuming that's even possible.


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